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ULightMeUp Australian Lavender Gift Pack - ULightMeUp

    ULightMeUp Australian Lavender Gift Pack



      The Australian Lavender Gift Pack is for pure relaxation.

      Four gorgeous Princess Candles each with their own unique Lavender scent that arrive in a stunning white gift box.

      4 x Individual Princess Candles

      Size 9 x 8cm each

      Burn 10+ Hours

      1 x Pure Lavender

      A soothing scent of earthy lavender with light floral and berry accords.

      1 x Seagrass & Wild Lavender

      A crisp green and earthy citrus blend enveloped by wild lavender, seagrass and sillow wood.

      1 x White Tea & Lavender

      A soothing lavender and sweet violets scent with the herbal notes of white tea.

      1 x Lavender, Cucumber & Sage

      A fresh bouquet begins with green cucumber and soothing sage. Blends of wild lavender, white lilies, chamomile, violet and bois de rose.