Mother's Day Compeition on Insta commencing soon
Mother's Day Compeition on Insta commencing soon
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ULightMeUp Australian Bush Gift Pack

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The Australian Bush Gift Pack is the perfect Aussie Gift.

Four gorgeous Princess Candles each with their own unique Australian Bush scent that arrive in a stunning white gift box.

4 x Individual Princess Candles

Size 9 x 8cm each

Burn 10+ Hours

1 x Australian Wattle

Uniquely and caringly distilled from the flowers of a special and fragrant wattle with lilac, cyclamen, jasmine and lily of the valley.

1 x Kakadu Plum and Bush Cucumber

An earthy scent of leafy greens interwined seamlessly with the comfort of vanilla, blood plum along with the spicy allure of musk and fresh cucumber.

1 x Lemon Myrtle

A distinctly Australian scent, fresh and zesty. Strong, with a great throw.

1 x Eucalyptus Gum

A stunning cleansing scent of ecualyptus with the zest and vibrancy of lemon, which is finished with the soothing and relaxed scent of lavender.

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