Crystal Elixir Water Bottles

Reward yourself every time you take a sip!
Available in Stainless Steel, Rose Gold and Bamboo Crystal Elixir Water Bottles enhance your water essence on a daily basis and assist in faster hydration to give you increased energy. The crystals placed inside helps to boost the alkalinity levels and oxygenation of your water.
Why these water bottles are so unique, when there is so many to chose from on the market, is because you chose the crystal that you need in your life right now. Not only is your the water you are drinking a better quality, you are reminded every time you take a sip what the crystal represents to you.
We know that water naturally attracts all electromagnetic frequencies that come in contact with it and how important it is to drink purified, filtered water with the appropriate alkaline levels.When we drink the the crystal elixir, we take in the vibrations and etheric properties transferred over from the crystal. These subtle energies are thought to have a positive influence over the organs in the body, and amplify consciousness. 
The material of our bottles is high borosilicate which is the healthiest material in the market. Compared to other normal glass, high borosilicate glass is known as lab-ware quality glass, it is the strongest commercial glass available, with a very high temperature shock resistance up to 420℃.
We don't use the unhealthy material to reduce the cost.
Every bottle comes in beautiful packaging with a black neoprene sleeve.
Hand Wash only.​
For more information on the benefits of the crystals in our collection click on the images below.